A Spinster for a Spy

A Spinster for a Spy

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Lady Lily Gardenbrook, eldest daughter of the Duke of Elbury, is perilously close to being a spinster. After three Seasons, she still hasn’t accepted a suitor – but not for lack of candidates. Lady Lily has a secret – a secret which would lead to scandal, should it ever be revealed. A secret which relates to the thing which matters most in her life. She hopes for love, yet a husband would never want her, if that secret was known – to marry would mean losing everything.

Trent Weatherton, Marquess of Canterford, serves the Crown as a gentleman spy, always monitoring those of the ton for anything untoward. He has never been one to socialise much, but his role requires it of him. Convinced that marriage and spying could never make a good mix, he is unprepared for his reaction to Lady Lily Gardenbrook, which makes him question every assumption.

But when Trent’s men discover that secret correspondence travels in and out of Lady Lily’s family residence, he must investigate – for what if the woman he is coming to care for is a threat to the Crown?

Can Trent discover what is really happening, before he loses his chance at love?

Can Lily overcome her fears, and allow the possibility that love might not steal what is most important to her?

Will they each discover that the other is not at all what they seemed, in the best possible way? Or will the chance for love be lost, and Lily be doomed to life as a spinster?

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