Arietta Richmond has been a compulsive reader and writer all her life. Whilst her reading has covered an enormous range of topics, history has always fascinated her, and historical novels been amongst her favourite reading.

She has written a wide range of work, from business articles and other
non-fiction works (published under a pen name) but fiction has always
been a major part of her life. Now, her Regency Historical Romance
series is finally being released. The Derbyshire set is comprised of ten
novels. The His Majesty’s Hounds Series is sixteen novels. She also
has a standalone longer novel shortly to be released, and two longer
series of novels in development.

She lives in Australia, and when not reading or writing, likes to travel,
and to see in person the places where history happened.

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Arietta is the author of 

(you can see the cover images, and find links to buy the books on the Books page of this website)

The Derbyshire Set

A Gift of Love (prequel short story)
A Devil’s Bargain (prequel short story) (coming soon)
The Earl’s Unexpected Bride
The Captain’s Compromised Heiress
The Viscount’s Unsuitable Affair
The Count’s Impetuous Seduction
The Rake’s Unlikely Redemption
The Marquess’ Scandalous Mistress
A Remembered Face (Short story) (coming soon)
The Marchioness’ Second Chance (coming soon)
Lady Theodora’s Christmas Wish
A Viscount’s Reluctant Passion (coming soon)
The Duke’s Improper Love (coming soon)

His Majesty’s Hounds

Claiming the Heart of a Duke
Intriguing the Viscount
Giving a Heart of Lace
Being Lady Harriet’s Hero
Enchanting the Duke
Redeeming the Marquess
Finding the Duke’s Heir
Winning the Merchant Earl
Healing Lord Barton
Kissing the Duke of Hearts
Loving the Bitter Baron
Falling for the Earl
Rescuing the Countess (coming soon)
Betting on a Lady’s Heart (coming soon)
Attracting the Spymaster (coming soon)
Restoring the Earl’s Honour (coming soon)

A Duke’s Daughter’s – The Elbury Bouquet

A Spinster for a Spy (Lily) (coming soon)
A Vixen for a Viscount (Hyacinth) (coming soon)
A Bluestocking for a Baron (Rose) (coming soon)
A Diamond for a Duke (Camellia) (coming soon)
A Minx for a Merchant (Primrose) (coming soon)
An Enchantress for an Earl (Violet) (coming soon)
A Maiden for a Marquess (Iris) (coming soon)
A Heart for an Heir (Thorne) (coming soon)

Stand-alone novels

The Scottish Governess (coming soon)
The Earl’s Reluctant Fiancee (coming soon)

Other Series

The Crew of the Seadragon’s Soul Series, coming soon – a set of 10 linked regency novels (coming soon)