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A dashing Count, a beautiful maiden, a handsome marquess, a mysterious woman, a love that defies all challenges. Lady Charlotte Cavendish had eagerly awaited her sister’s wedding – for her own reasons…. Don Diego Sanchez-Zapata, Count of San Pedro, who Charlotte had been desperately longing for, from the moment that she first met him, was unfortunately late arriving at the wedding. A fact that Charlotte could only see as abandonment, especially as, when he eventually did arrive, it was with an unexplained, beautiful Spanish lady in his retinue. The handsome and very eligible Marquess Hemsbridge, however, was very much present at the wedding festivities, and more than willing to distract the delectable Lady Charlotte from her disappointment. Which left Lady Charlotte in the enviable (or perhaps, unenviable ?) position of having to choose between two very different men, both of whom caused her heart to beat faster just by looking at her. Resulting in improper behavior and moments of desperate despair, as well as ecstatic love. Can Charlotte achieve a happy ending? or will she make the wrong choice…..

Genre: Fiction
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 126
ISBN: 9781925165654
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